[ejabberd] XEP-0045 Implementation

Ilia Kantor ilia at obnovlenie.ru
Wed Nov 29 01:36:45 MSK 2006

Hello, how did you lock nicknames ?

I need this too, and I also need to use server-generated nickname instead of 
supplied one.

> > Le 26 nov. 06 à 04:44, C00I90WN a écrit :
> >> According to the XEP, the MUC should allow multiple joins to the room if
> >> the bare jid are the same, is it possible to see a fix for mod_muc to
> >> act accordingly with the XEP?
> >
> > As you said, the spec says "SHOULD". It is not really a "fix" as not
> > implementing a service that way do not break compliancy with XEP-0045.
> >
> > However, I am interesting in knowing more about your use case. Do you
> > have example when this feature is useful ?
> This ability becomes very useful in scenarios where muc room nicknames
> are locked down. When implementing locked nicknames at work we actually
> worked around this limitation by allowing for an
> (optional) nickname+'-'+foo system for locked nicknames, but not needing
> that can be very nice.
>  	-Etan
> P.S. I keep intending to clean up and submit my patch for locked
> nicknames (unless I already have, I forget, I'll check later).

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