[ejabberd] Using ejabberd with iChat

Bill Clementson billclem at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 22:33:47 MSD 2006

> > I've downloaded the latest release of ejabberd (1.1.2) and installed
> > it with the Mac OS X installer. I can connect to the admin page using
> > bc at bc.local after I start the server, and I can connect to the
> > ejabberd server when I set up an account for bc at bc.local using the Psi
> > jabber client; however, I can't seem to connect to it when I'm using
> > iChat. I can connect to other (remote) Jabber servers using iChat
> > (including another ejabberd server); however, I can not connect to my
> > local ejabberd server.
> At a guess, ejabberd may not be binding to your localhost address
> (, and may instead only be binding to the "real" network
> addresses on your machine.  You may want to double-check this, using
> netstat or a similar tool.  Perhaps try using the IP address of a
> network adapter in iChat.

I had a look with "netstat -r" (not sure if this is the right switch
or not) and it showed the following:
Routing tables

Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
default          UGSc       13       34    en0
127                localhost          UCS         0        0    lo0
localhost          localhost          UH         19   188189    lo0
169.254            link#4             UCS         0        0    en0
192.168.0          link#4             UCS         3        0    en0        0:9:5b:f8:da:6d    UHLW       11        0    en0   1123        0:d:93:c8:d8:12    UHLW        0        0    en0    886        localhost          UHS         0      899    lo0      ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff  UHLWb       0        6    en0

Destination        Gateway            Flags      Netif Expire
localhost          link#1             UHL         lo0
                   localhost          Uc          lo0
localhost          link#1             UHL         lo0
                   link#4             UC          en0
bc.local           0:11:24:75:fb:da   UHL         lo0
ff01::             localhost          U           lo0
ff02::%lo0         localhost          UC          lo0
ff02::%en0         link#4             UC          en0

So, I changed the iChat server from bc.local to
Unfortunately, that didn't work either. So, I reinstalled ejabberd
using localhost instead of bc.local. Again, after starting ejabberd, I
was able to access the admin page with bc at localhost and also access
the server by logging on as bc at localhost using Psi. However, iChat
still refuses to connect.

Any other ideas?


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