[ejabberd] Using ejabberd with iChat

Bill Clementson billclem at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 23:57:00 MSD 2006

> > tcp4       0      0  *.5298                 *.*                    LISTEN
> That's a jabber port, and the * indicates that the listener is bound to
> all IP addresses.

But, does it provide any clues as to why iChat won't connect to my
ejabberd server? I've tried setting the server to:


but it still won't connect. Actually, the connection behaviour is a
bit different depending on the server name I use. For and
localhost, I get an immediate message back in iChat that says "Could
not connect to Jabber. Could not connect to host localhost" (or However, if I change the server name to bc.local (my
machine's name is "bc"), I get a message "Connecting..." but, after
about a minute or two, it comes back with the same error message.

I initially installed ejabberd with bc.local as the server name. I
have now uninstalled ejabberd and re-installed it with localhost as
the server name. However, I still get the same behaviour (e.g. -
immediate error message for and localhost but a delayed
error message for bc.local).

With both the bc.local install and the localhost install, Psi was able
to connect to the server without any problems.

Any ideas?


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