[ejabberd] Virtual host doesn't work...

Omar Adobati omar.adobati at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 14:05:24 MSD 2006

Good Morning,
  I'm new to jabber and I installed the server just yesterday. All
works good during the installation process, the server started
After this I add a couple of user and I tried to start a couple of
gaim instances on my own PC (my PC has not a public address, so I can
just test it locally, but this is not a problem by now).
During the installation process I entered "strauss" as my "server
name", so I suppose to login with something like user1 at strauss and
user2 at strauss, it wasn't...
After a half hour of brainstorming with myself I tried out to use
user1 at localhost and user2 at localhost, it worked. I think this is very
strange 'coase no user were registered under a virtual host
Checking the config file, "strauss" is placed in the right places...

Where I could be wrong?

Dr. Omar Adobati
omar.adobati at gmail.com

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