Benjamin Baudouin benjamin at nctel.net
Mon Oct 9 11:56:48 MSD 2006

> 2006/10/5, Benjamin Baudouin <benjamin at nctel.net>:
>> I experience this error although I start ejabberd with
>> *-env ERL_MAX_PORTS 5000
>> (http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/tuning)
>> *I use a compile version (svn) not the latest.
>> Need I install the 1.1.2 ejabberd *.bin* to implement this feature or
>> someone can help ?
> You don't need to update ejabberd. That option is for Erlang, and
> whatever version you have probably supports it.
> I used this option on those experiments:
> http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/benchmark
> Maybe you need to increment Linux limitations too (check the link above):
> ulimit -n 16000
I run ejabberd on Debian. ulimit command return me "unlimited".
I will set up -n 16000 an test it, but "unlimited" should be ok (bigger 
than "16000"...)
Do you see in process list -env (something) option ?


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