[ejabberd] Read-Only Access to Web_Admin

Oleg Palij o.palij at dp.uz.gov.ua
Mon Oct 9 17:31:37 MSD 2006

Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 09:29:43PM +0200, ejabberd-bounces at jabber.ru написал:
> Is there a way to grant read-only access to web_admin?
	You can find here
	a quick and dirty hack (against 1.1.2) for ejabberd_web.erl which allows some users (defined with "web_admin_viewers" access rule) access to web admin, and denies them 'POST' method.
	So, cd in to your ejabberd sources, apply patch, add to config following lines:

{acl, boss_viewer, {user, "boss"}}.
{access, web_admin_viewers, [{allow, boss_viewer}]}.

	I have not tested this patch carefully, so use it at your own risk ;).

	Irrelative of above - please test 1.3 version of mod_logmnesia (look at changelog before upgrading!): http://www.dp.uz.gov.ua/o.palij/mod_logmnesia/
	Your suggestions are welcome :)

ISC Pridn railway, System Administrator
e-mail: o.palij at dp.uz.gov.ua

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