[ejabberd] Shared roaster member search filter from ldap

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Wed Oct 25 17:03:54 MSD 2006


* veeraa bose <veeraa.1 at gmail.com> [2006-10-25 15:45:55 +0530]:

> Dear all,
> I installed ejabberd1.2 and its working fine.and I configured with ldap
> authentication,i am able to login with my ldap users, now i would like to do
> shared roasters membership managment with ldap search filter,(ie ),i created
> a group called everyone and in the members-tab i typed "@all@" and im able
> to see all my ldap users.like this i would like to create a group called
> sysadmin and instead of adding each user in the member-tab, is it possibe
> can i give ldap search filter through that i can get members of the sysadmin
> OU.

This is not possible with the current code base.


Mickaël Rémond

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