[ejabberd] mod_filter and bandersnatch

Rodrigo Grumiche Silva grumiche at integrityit.com.br
Sun Sep 3 04:22:39 MSD 2006


im using mod_filter to only allow some users to talk to each other, blocking 
everything else. Now i'm trying to use bandersnatch to log all those allowed 
messages. Has someone even tried this ?

my first attempt to make bandersnatch work with mod_filter isnt working very 
well :

{acl, bandersnatch, {node, "bandersnatch.localhost"}}.

{acl, grumiche, {user, "grumiche"}}.
{acl, alexandra, {user, "alexandra"}}.

{access, mod_filter, [
	{allow, bandersnatch},
	% User grumiche can talk with user alexandra
	{grumiche_controle, grumiche},
	% User alexandra can talk with user grumiche
	{alexandra_controle, alexandra},
	% Block everthing else

{access, grumiche_controle, [ {allow, alexandra} ]}.
{access, alexandra_controle,[ {allow, grumiche} ]}.

Bandersnatch was able to log everything, but then everybody was talking to 
each other. Can anyone give me an advice in how to use bandersnatch together 
with mod_filter ?


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