[ejabberd] ejabberd status monitoring bot.

Yermo Lamers yml at dtlink.com
Mon Sep 4 22:20:23 MSD 2006

>> an updated list of all currently connected users. (Imagine a nice GUI
>> with
>> a list of all currently connected users with length of time connected,
>> etc).
> The online users are already tracked on the database, table 'session'.
> ejabberd provides hooks called user_login and user_logout that report
> the JID. The list of currently connected users is already available on
> the webinterface and on Jabber Discovery.

Oh that's a good point. I hadn't thought about discovery.

> With all this, it looks quite easy to write a simple module that keeps
> track of user logins and logouts on memory, and a patch for the
> webinterface to show that information on the current user page.

I was really hoping not to have to modify the server. Our big concern with
modifying the server is then maintaining the modifications as the server
matures. But maybe it can't be helped.

The problem with reports and statistics is they constantly change as you
come up with new business questions. This would imply a more generalized
and flexible approach might be more appropriate. I forsee needing to
update these reports quite often as we run our project.

How difficult would it be to add the sessions and muc_rooms tables to the
Mysql backend?

>> Is there a way in ejabberd to send an admin a copy of all presence
>> packets?
>> Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> However, if you prefer the independent bot, it's also possible to
> write a small module that listens the interesting hooks and sends
> jabber messages or xmpp packets to the JID you configure.

I think a bot might be easier to maintain since the server is a moving
target. At least that's my thinking.

Thanks for the pointers. I think that gives me what I need to get started

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