[ejabberd] ejabberd status monitoring bot.

Yermo Lamers yml at dtlink.com
Tue Sep 5 00:53:52 MSD 2006

>> Is there a way in ejabberd to send an admin a copy of all presence
>> packets?
>> Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> However, if you prefer the independent bot, it's also possible to
> write a small module that listens the interesting hooks and sends
> jabber messages or xmpp packets to the JID you configure.

I've been taking a look at the mod_logxml module which seems to already do
almost everything I want.

Is there any reason why I couldn't just add a call to
ejabberd_router:route() at the end of send_packet() and receive_packet()
to forward the packets I'm interested in to a configured JID?

Seems like it might make for a nice addition.

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