[ejabberd] Change field names in mysql?

Lars Strojny lars at strojny.net
Sat Sep 9 20:45:42 MSD 2006

Hi Dan,

it's really wicked to here from you also on the weekend ;-), but:

Am Samstag, den 09.09.2006, 18:29 +0200 schrieb Daniel Bartlett:
> Lars Strojny wrote:
> > .....But one thing
> > on Ejabberd annoys me since a long time: why aren't the passwords
> > internally hashed? That's so weird, I don't understand why there is a
> > software in 2006 where passwords are stored in cleartext. Any chance to
> > change this behaviour?
> Is MD5 supported across most ODBC databases? I know MySQL does.

I think that's not really relevant, since Ejabberd should do the
hashing. ODBC support VARCHAR-like fields, which means, you can store a
string there and so on a MD5-hash. Ejabberd does the hashing and asks
the DB "Hey, does your string look like my string?" ;-)

Greets, Lars 
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