[ejabberd] Change field names in mysql?

Sergei Golovan sgolovan at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 21:21:18 MSD 2006

On 9/9/06, Lars Strojny <lars at strojny.net> wrote:
> Hi,


> supported in MySQL 5.0 and really worth giving it a try. But one thing
> on Ejabberd annoys me since a long time: why aren't the passwords
> internally hashed? That's so weird, I don't understand why there is a
> software in 2006 where passwords are stored in cleartext. Any chance to
> change this behaviour?

If ejabberd stored hashed passwords it would be impossible to use
secure authentication over unencrypted user connection. Passwords
would have to be sent over the network in cleartext. So, I guess
ejabberd will not hash passwords in the database. You may use your own
password database and use external authentication script (but remember
about passwords on the network).

Sergei Golovan

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