[ejabberd] Change field names in mysql?

proforg proforg at maloletka.ru
Sun Sep 10 01:33:26 MSD 2006

> I don't know PostgreSQL very well but it seems to me that Triggers have
> a similiar concept as Rules in PostgreSQL. With a trigger it is possible
> to define an action on a decent event like UPDATE or DELETE. This is
> supported in MySQL 5.0 and really worth giving it a try.

Both mysql and pgsql support triggers :) But  in pgsql you can create
rules (triggers) on view. In mysql afaik there are no ways to create
trigger on view, so view should be updatable, which is not always
possible :)

> But one thing
> on Ejabberd annoys me since a long time: why aren't the passwords
> internally hashed? That's so weird, I don't understand why there is a
> software in 2006 where passwords are stored in cleartext. Any chance to
> change this behaviour?
Probably no. You need to have cleartext passwords for digest authentication.

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