[ejabberd] [announce] mod_presence 0.0.3

Igor Goryachev igor at goryachev.org
Mon Sep 11 23:46:11 MSD 2006


The new version of mod_presence was released. Visible changes are:

- got rid of the most drunken code! :)
- the pixmaps are not hardcoded anymore
- several themes are supported (12 are prepackaged)
- the ability to add user's own themes without
  rebooting server (gifs, pngs and jpegs are supported)
- fixed problem with booleans represented as "0" and "1"
- the ability to set default icon theme via iq:register
- the ability to choose icon theme via http request

Tarball with patch and icons could be taken from here:

Feel free to send me any feedback and criticism.

Thanks for the attention.

    Igor Goryachev              E-Mail/Jabber: igor at goryachev.org

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