[ejabberd] [PATCH] mod_vcard search API modifications

Andre Pang ozone at algorithm.com.au
Wed Sep 13 08:16:29 MSD 2006

Hi all,

I have two small patches attached to this email:

  * The first patch splits off mod_vcard.erl into a header file that  
contains the vcard and vcard_search records, so that other ejabberd  
modules can call mod_vcard's search functions and parse the vcard  
records correctly.

  * The second patch makes two of mod_vcard's functions (search/2 and  
set_vcard/3) callable, so that other modules can use mod_vcard to  
search the vcard database.

Would it be OK to merge these patches back into the trunk?  They're  
quite small and non-intrusive.  If I'm doing something wrong and  
should be searching the vcard database by other means than mod_vcard,  
please let me know.

Thanks! :)

% Andre Pang : trust.in.love.to.save  <http://www.algorithm.com.au/>

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