[ejabberd] Problem integrating with Postgresql

rohit.ranjan at bt.com rohit.ranjan at bt.com
Thu Sep 14 20:05:44 MSD 2006

Hi Zbyszek,

I have checked my postgres and it is using unencrypted passwords. I can't find anything in ejabberd logs also. Strange thing is that my code for registering the new user works fine, the user and password are present in postgres database, but when i try to signon it starts complaining. 

Thanks for your help,

Rohit Ranjan

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check if you are not using encrypted passwords(in psql). current odbc driver
supports only unencrypted passwords...

On 9/14/06, rohit.ranjan at bt.com <rohit.ranjan at bt.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have followed the steps for using ejabberd(1.1.1) with postgres(8.1)
> using odbc on windows. I did the following :
> 1) Postgres setup: Install postgres and create the users and tables as
> follows. Created user 'ejabberd' and database 'ejabberd'. Setup tables using
> the script pg.sql
> 2) Set a system DSN in Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Data
> Sources(ODBC) for postgres
> 3) Ejabberd configuration changes: In the file Ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg
> remove: {auth_method, internal}.
> add: {auth_method, odbc}.
>      {odbc_server,
> "DSN={postgres_data_source_name};UID={postgres_user_id};PWD={postgres_user_name}"}
> Change :
> mod_roster to mod_roster_odbc, mod_vcard to mod_vcard_odbc, mod_offline to
> mod_offline_odbc, mod_last to mod_last_odbc.
> After starting when i try to register and login through exodus, it gives
> error : "There was an error trying to authenticate you...."
> I can see the username and password present in postgres database, which
> means that it is able to communicate with postgres. Also, if i try to login
> through my client code using smack, i get an XMPPException with message -
> SASL Authentication Failed
> Did i miss out any steps? Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Rohit Ranjan.
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Zbyszek Zólkiewski

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