[ejabberd] Preparing for version 1.1.2

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Sun Sep 24 19:17:15 MSD 2006

Op zaterdag 23 september 2006 17:12, schreef Mickael Remond:
> As we have already started working on version 1.2, a branch has been
> created in SVN and can be checked out with the following command:
>  svn co https://svn.process-one.net/ejabberd/branches/ejabberd-1.1.2/
> For those that prefer downloading a .tar.gz archive, they can head to:
> http://www.process-one.net/en/projects/ejabberd/download/beta/ejabberd-1.1.
> You can start beta testing the version and share any problem found with
> this version.

I made a patch that is only compatible with this beta; I'm not going to make 
it compatible with 1.1.1 so that people have an additional incentive to test 
the beta these days (yes, and also because I'm a bit lazy ;-) ).

* ejabberdctl: no something at host needed anymore
* ejabberdctl: configuration file
* some other ejabberdctl enhancements
* ejabberd.inetrc included to bypass a bug in some Erlang versions
* ejabberdctl: starting ejabberd
* ejabberdctl: open an Erlang console

* a userfriendly operating system that has basic tools like an sh compatible 
shell pre-installed
* it will probably also work on the userunfriendly operating system if you 
install an sh compatible shell and other basic tools on it (correct me if 
this sentence needs to be in plurar)

The instructions:
1) Unpack the archive in the src directory of ejabberd-1.1.2_beta1 (yes, 
configure.ac and Makefile.in must be replaced)
2) Run autoconf in the src directory
3) Run the configure script with the desired parameters, compile, and install
4) Create a user to run ejabberd with (e.g. adduser ejabberd)
5) Give this user permissions to the automatically created log and data 
directories (e.g: chown -R 
ejabberd:ejabberd /usr/local/var/log/ejabberd /usr/local/var/lib/ejabberd/data)
6) Eventually edit ejabberd.cfg (by default installed 
in /usr/local/etc/ejabberd): at least add an admin acl if you want to test 
the web interface and/or Ad Hoc client-side configurarion: {acl, admin, 
{user, "theadmin"}}.)
7) Switch to this user and run ejabberdctl showconfig to see of you like to 
see if the ejabberdctl config file is ok for you (normally it should suit 
your "testing ejabberd needs").
8) Run ejabberdctl start
9) Eventually create the admin account(s) you specified in ejabberd's 
configuration: ejabberdctl register theadmin localhost password

That's all: now you can start testing the beta and reporting as much as 
possible bugs! ;-)

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.
xmpp:sander at devrieze.dyndns.org

ejabberd, the expandable Jabber daemon. --
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