[ejabberd] Version 1.1.2: Minor translations update needed

Nikolaus Polak Nik at np-Edv.at
Mon Sep 25 01:23:21 MSD 2006

Badlop wrote:
> DE strings thanks to Marvin Preuss (xsteadfastx):
> {"Make real JIDs discovered for", "Jabber IDs können eingesehen
> werden für"}.
> {"moderators only", "Nur Moderatoren"}.
> {"anyone", "Jeder"}.

Hi, I looked over the current DE strings (without the 3 new strings),
corrected some small things. And, I would think the first string
translated by Marvin Preuss would be better like this:

{"Make real JIDs discovered for", "Echte Jabber IDs anzeigen für"}.

The others are surely perfect, and my small fixes in the diff-file are
only done because translating one time a few strings and working every
few days with them surely is a difference ;-)

best wishes,

Nikolaus Polak
xmpp:nik at jabber.linuxlovers.at
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