[ejabberd] Version 1.1.2: Minor translations update needed

Etan Reisner deryni at eden.rutgers.edu
Tue Sep 26 04:06:53 MSD 2006

On Sun, 24 Sep 2006, Sander Devrieze wrote:


> Op zondag 24 september 2006 23:23, schreef Nikolaus Polak:
>> Badlop wrote:
>>> DE strings thanks to Marvin Preuss (xsteadfastx):
>>> {"Make real JIDs discovered for", "Jabber IDs können eingesehen
>>> werden für"}.
>>> {"moderators only", "Nur Moderatoren"}.
>>> {"anyone", "Jeder"}.
>> Hi, I looked over the current DE strings (without the 3 new strings),
>> corrected some small things. And, I would think the first string
>> translated by Marvin Preuss would be better like this:
>> {"Make real JIDs discovered for", "Echte Jabber IDs anzeigen für"}.
> I suggested Marvin to not do a litteral translation, because the English
> version currently is confusing for end-users/translators. I think it is more
> clear to have something like:
> "Jabber IDs can be detected by" or "Jabber IDs can be seen by"
> "moderators"
> "anyone"
> <snip>

If translators are being suggested to not translate literally because 
the original English is confusing is there a reason you are keeping the 
English version? (Especially considering the fact that 'Make real JIDs 
discovered for' is incredibly awkward English.) I realize that I'm 
coming in to this late, but I really think the older text was better 
(though still not good) and that this late it is hard to make changes to 
strings (especially ones that have been being debated). If I had to come 
up with a new version of text for that option it would probably be 
something like 'Present real JIDs to', since they aren't discovered (at 
least not as in disco) and it isn't nearly as awkward.


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