[ejabberd] s2s proxying

Carlos Javier Borroto carlos.borroto at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 08:11:28 MSD 2006

2006/9/25, Evgeniy Khramtsov <hev at sbyt.amur.elektra.ru>:
> Carlos Javier Borroto wrote:
> > This is a feature I'll love to see upstream, this feature is a most in
> > several place in my country, Cuba, where the access to a real ip
> > address is uncommon. And places like my pass university, University of
> > Havana, will love to use it. They are currently relaying on a local
> > modified jabberd.
> Did you try this patch? Did you find any issues with it? Before adding
> this feature to
> mainline, developers must to know about any successfull/unsuccessfull
> deployments :)
> Feel free to send me any feedback :)

No, hadn't tried it, mainly because I don't have an enviroment where
to try it, but I did forwarded your mail to a local mailing list, and
brough the attention from one of the main systems administrator of
University of Havana, he will try it, and as soon as he make any
comment, I'll post them here.

Also, if I have the time, I'll try to reproduce an enviroment usefull
to make test.

Carlos Javier
Linux User #268006
Jabber: cjavier at softwarelibre.cu
Habana, CUBA

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