[ejabberd] Version 1.1.2: Minor translations update needed

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Tue Sep 26 13:54:39 MSD 2006

Op dinsdag 26 september 2006 02:06, schreef Etan Reisner:
> If translators are being suggested to not translate literally because
> the original English is confusing is there a reason you are keeping the
> English version? (Especially considering the fact that 'Make real JIDs
> discovered for' is incredibly awkward English.)

Yes, maybe, but tha might be more work as this will influence all 

> I realize that I'm 
> coming in to this late, but I really think the older text was better
> (though still not good) and that this late it is hard to make changes to
> strings (especially ones that have been being debated). If I had to come
> up with a new version of text for that option it would probably be
> something like 'Present real JIDs to', since they aren't discovered (at
> least not as in disco) and it isn't nearly as awkward.

I also think the word "real" is confusing/duplicate; maybe 'Present Jabber IDs 
of participants to'?

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