[ejabberd] Version 1.1.2: Minor translations update needed

Etan Reisner deryni at eden.rutgers.edu
Tue Sep 26 19:53:26 MSD 2006

On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Mickael Remond wrote:
> Hello,
> * Sander Devrieze <s.devrieze at pandora.be> [2006-09-26 11:54:39 +0200]:
>> Yes, maybe, but tha might be more work as this will influence all
>> translations.
> Yes, this is more work but I will try to do it before the release.
> I think however, we need at some point to manage englis as a translation
> too, and use meaningfull but short code to represent message to
> translate in the source code.
> This will make it easier to change the English translation without
> impacting all other files.

While I agree with the sentiment behind wanting to use 'opaque' 
identifiers in the code so that they don't need changing, it makes 
casual reading of the code a little harder, since you need to more 
carefully follow which error case/etc. you are in since you don't have 
meaningful error messages anymore. Just something to keep in mind.

>>> I realize that I'm
>>> coming in to this late, but I really think the older text was better
>>> (though still not good) and that this late it is hard to make changes to
>>> strings (especially ones that have been being debated). If I had to come
>>> up with a new version of text for that option it would probably be
>>> something like 'Present real JIDs to', since they aren't discovered (at
>>> least not as in disco) and it isn't nearly as awkward.
>> I also think the word "real" is confusing/duplicate; maybe 'Present
>> Jabber IDs of participants to'?
> All user are always seen as JID, but sometime you only see its JID as
> proxied by the MUC room.
> I think the work real make sense.

If we don't like 'real' (and that might be a good thing to avoid), and 
we don't want to get into items as complicated as "Present Jabber IDs of 
participants' accounts to" (which requires two or three layers of 
indirect reference) we could go with something more like "Present (or 
Show) participants' Account JIDs to", which removes the 'of' to make 
things a little less reference-full while still getting the right sort 
of sentiment.

Just another thought. I'm not wedded to any version of my text over 
anybody else's I just think this is one of the harder options to explain 
to people who don't already understand it and the text for it needs to 
be a little more bullet-proof than most.


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