[ejabberd] mod_announce - newbie alert - help!

Andreas van Cranenburgh andreas at unstable.nl
Wed Apr 11 00:13:07 MSD 2007

Je 9/4/2007, "Julian Lyndon-Smith" <asterisk at dotr.com> skribis:
>Thanks for the response - but that's where I got totally confused :(
>[..snip laments..]
>Any examples wouild be of great help.

According to the paragraph referred to, you could send a single message
to the following address:


.so this is very similar to how it seems to work in wildfire. There are
variations (only online, message on login etc.), refer to the guide (on
Sending single messages is supported by eg. Gajim and Psi.

    -- Andreas  [ http://unstable.nl ] ( O3IXI8E0OC )

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