[ejabberd] Installation problems

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Wed Apr 11 17:58:18 MSD 2007

Do you need distributed ejabberd ?
If 'no' then change HOST to just kermit. e.g.


All subsequent operations should just use 'kermit'. e.g.

    /opt/ejabberd/bin/ejabberdctl register admin kermit xxxxxx

If 'yes' then leave HOST as "kermit.mercateo.lan". Instead look into the 
start script (or do a grep) and change the '-sname' option to '-name'



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Subject: [ejabberd] Installation problems
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 14:48:16 +0200

> Hello,
> i try to install ejabberd from ejabberd-1.1.3_1-linux-x86-installer.bin.
> This seems to work fine, but when i later try to create an admin account 
> this does not work.
> On top of ejabberdctl are variables for NODE and HOST, which are set to
> NODE=ejabberd
> HOST=localhost
> after installation. Is this correct ?
> (btw. what is this NODE for, an where could i set it ?)
> The Hostname of this machine is kermit.mercateo.lan, which is registerd 
> on our internal DNS-server.
> If i use
> /opt/ejabberd/bin/ejabberdctl register admin kermit.mercateo.lan xxxxxx
> i get "Can't register user "admin at kermit.mercateo.lan" at node 
> ejabberd at localhost: not_allowed"
> If i change HOST in ejabberdctl to kermit.mercateo.lan i get a huge 
> error message with a string "Can't set short node name!".
> It seems i need some help here. Could somebody pls point me to the right 
> direction?
> Thanks!
> regards
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