[ejabberd] Difficulties configuring ejabberd

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Tue Apr 17 18:23:18 MSD 2007

The usual issues regarding connecting are: wrong LDAP server, incorrect LDAP admin password or incorrect rootdn, firewall.

With OpenLDAP you can find the schema files under /etc/openldap/schema
However you would likely have to ask the LDAP administrator which schema is used.

The schema for most LDAP installation are quite standard.

The ldap_uidattr should default to "uid" unless your schema states otherwise.
The 'uid' much match the login name in gaim. E.g if your screen name is 'mgamito' then the 'uid' field in LDAP should be 'mgamito'.

You might also want to try enabling the "Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams" in Gaim for testing.


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Subject: [ejabberd] Difficulties configuring ejabberd
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> Hi,
> I'm trying to install an ejabberd server with ldap authentication.
> My configuration is as follows:
> % For LDAP authentication use these lines instead of above one:
> {auth_method, ldap}.
> {ldap_servers, ["mail.telbit.pt"]}.    % List of LDAP servers
> {ldap_uidattr, "uid"}.            % LDAP attribute that holds user ID
> {ldap_base, "ou=users,dc=telbit,dc=pt"}. % Search base of LDAP directory
> {ldap_rootdn, "cn=admin,dc=telbit,dc=pt"}. % LDAP manager
> {ldap_password, "secret"}. % Password to LDAP manager
> ejabberd and ldap are in the same server.
> When i try to connect to the server with GAIM, it says it couldn't 
> connect to the server.
> I have some doubts:
> 1) What exactly is supposed to be in the ldap_uidattr field ?
> 2) Is there a .schema file for ldap ? What fields does it use to 
> authenticate ?
> 3) Is it possible to authenticate agains qmail-ldap uid and password 
> fields ?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Warm Regards,
> -- 
> :wq! Mário Gamito
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