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Thu Apr 19 10:29:17 MSD 2007

It is from SVN. 

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>petr.mat at centrum.cz br> >
>>I still have problem with mod_proxy65. I see it in discovery, but it seems doesn't work.
>>I have 
>>{mod_proxy65, []}
>>and also   
>>{7777, proxy65_listener, [{shaper, c2s_shaper}]},
>>in ejabberd.cfg and TCP port 7777 is opened on firewall.
>>When I try to send file from my server to another, it doesn't work. When I send file from another server to my, I see that client on other side send info about their proxy. 
>>=INFO REPORT==== 18-Apr-2007::18:44:56 ===
>>D(<0.670.0>:ejabberd_c2s:1217) : Send XML on stream = "<iq from='somewhere at njs.netlab.cz/Psi' to='admin at myhost.com/Psi' type='set' id='ac1ca'>\n<query xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/bytestreams' mode='tcp' sid='s5b_17f4ee519b837c63'>\n<streamhost port='8010' host='' \njid='somewhere at njs.netlab.cz/Psi'/>\n<streamhost port='7777' host='' jid='proxy.netlab.cz'>\n<proxy xmlns='http://affinix.com/jabber/stream'/>\n\n xmlns='http://affinix.com/jabber/stream'/>\n\n"
>>This proxy is used and file transfer is done.
>>Excuse my English, thanks for help!
>What version of mod_proxy65 are you using?
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