[ejabberd] Multiple client connections in single TCP/IP stream

Łukasz Osipiuk lukasz at osipiuk.net
Thu Apr 19 11:23:27 MSD 2007


I am willing to create a server side project in which internally Jabber server 
will be used. Service clients will not contact Jabber server directly, they 
will not even know that there is Jabber behind the scenes. For efficiency I 
would like to encapsulate the traffic of all client streams into one single 
TCP/IP connection beetween my service component and ejabberd server. 

I think I cannot use s2s or component protocol because I want ejabberd server 
to work as more than just jabber proxy. I still want it to handle 
authentication, presence management, offline messages storing etc. of service 

Are there any plans to add such functionality to ejabberd? Or maybe it is 
already implemented and I am missing something?

Btw, thanks for all ejabberd developers for doing great job! 

Best regards, Łukasz Osipiuk


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