[ejabberd] process-one?

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 20:43:10 MSD 2007

2007/8/1, Anastasia Gornostaeva <ermine at ermine.pp.ru>:
> On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 05:46:26PM +0200, Magnus Henoch wrote:
> > I propose that submission of new bugs to Bugzilla be disabled, with a
> > pointer to JIRA.
> Let's disable bugzilla, website, maillist and conference on jabber.ru as
> deprecated by p-1.

Instead of forcing the complete shutdown of Bugzilla, incinerating the
backups, and sending the remaining ashes to the outer space, I propose
to call it 'superseded'; and let it be as a fall-back bug tracker. So,
if Aleksey agrees, JIRA at P1 can be named official ejabberd bug tracker
from now until Aleksey considers, and be used as M Remond explained in
a previous email.

I don't agree in closing ejabberd.jabber.ru Drupal site because I
think it's the best publicly accessible resource for information
regarding ejabberd. I don't see absolutely any reason to move to a
Drupal/Plone/Wiki/whatever hosted in any other place. I consider
ejabberd.jabber.ru is very good as it is now. If it has any problem,
it can be reported in the forums, this mailing list or privately, and

I don't agree in closing the ejabberd mailing list hosted by
jabber.ru. It is a long-lasting mailing list, it is the official
mailing list for announcements, discussions, technical questions, etc.
about ejabberd. It runs fast, no problems... no reason to close it.

I don't agree in closing ejabberd chatroom at conference.jabber.ru.
The reasons: the same that above :)

I think bug tracker & patch submission is closely related to svn
commit. So I think that it is reasonable that resources related to
*code* like SVN, downloads, JIRA and Fisheye, all of them may be
hosted and administered by P1.

For the same reason, I think that resources related to *information*
like mailing lists, forums, tutorials, discussions, proposed changes,
and in general anything that does not strictly require P1 involvement,
can be (and should be) hosted and administered by independent people,
like the current drupal page, forums, mailing list, chatroom and
whatever we later find useful.

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