[ejabberd] process-one?

Anastasia Gornostaeva ermine at ermine.pp.ru
Wed Aug 1 23:02:54 MSD 2007

On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 06:43:10PM +0200, Badlop wrote:

> > Let's disable bugzilla, website, maillist and conference on jabber.ru as
> > deprecated by p-1.
> Instead of forcing the complete shutdown of Bugzilla, incinerating the
> backups, and sending the remaining ashes to the outer space, I propose
> to call it 'superseded'; and let it be as a fall-back bug tracker. So,
> if Aleksey agrees, JIRA at P1 can be named official ejabberd bug tracker
> from now until Aleksey considers, and be used as M Remond explained in
> a previous email.

I wonder why never before nobody asked to disable Bugzilla, only now?
Remember: it has been started before p1 appears on our horizont and
Remond knows about it's existence excelently, istn't?
So, why we should disable bugzilla bugzilla just now? :)

Let's leave it as is. Let's P1 to win in other ways.


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