[ejabberd] Security question : flood

kaan kaan kaanvlbg at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 3 03:09:42 MSD 2007

hi @ll
i have a security question.
how can i stop the floods on a chat room,
i tested it with pandion when i use a msnflooder programm, this works with pandion end you can flood the channel.

One of the reason why i change my system from Irc chat to jabber chat is to stop the attacks on my chat server.

Is their any Attitude or a module which like this: a user can send " n messages in m seconds" ? or a bad word filter which filters the badwords from a msg?
Or can we write something like this (in another language (c,java)) and add this to ejabberd before it would send the msg to a chatroom?

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