[ejabberd] new ejabberd-1.1.3 linux installer

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Mon Aug 6 14:11:51 MSD 2007


Le 5 août 07 à 14:07, Badlop a écrit :

> Hi Christophe,
> I got a response from Leonid Evdokimov (aka Darkk). He told me to post
> this both in the ejabberd mailing list and in Jira bug tracker,
> because he isn't yet registered in any of them:

Thank you for the feedback.
The updated ejabberd 1.1.3 installer for Linux is now available for  
ejabberd download page:

Please, let us know if the resulting installer works better in your  

Mickaël Rémond
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