[ejabberd] problem with s2s communication

VMiklos vmiklos at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 06:53:44 MSD 2007


i've recently set up ejabberd 1.1.3. if two users register on the
server, they can communicate with each other properly. however i had
problems with communicating with jabber.org or gmail.com users.

here are the SRV records (google says they're required):

_xmpp-server._tcp.frugalware.org. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5269
_xmpp-client._tcp.frugalware.org. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5222
_jabber._tcp.frugalware.org. 86400 IN SRV 5 0 5269 xmpp-server.l.google.com.

the ports 5269 and 5222 are open on the firewall

from the log:

=INFO REPORT==== 2007-08-11 04:46:09 ===
I(<0.287.0>:ejabberd_s2s_out:106): started: {"frugalware.org",

=INFO REPORT==== 2007-08-11 04:49:18 ===
I(<0.287.0>:ejabberd_s2s_out:662): terminated: normal

so the problem is that when i add a new @gmail.com address, the
gmail.com user is not asked if he/she wants to accept my address or
not. if i'm right that currently simply it times out after 3 mins

if i have missed some important info, please let me know

thanks in advane,

- VMiklos

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