[ejabberd] Sources of the ejabberd installer

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 21:14:55 MSD 2007

2007/8/14, Mickaël Rémond <mickael.remond at process-one.net>:
> No change included in the binary installer, no.
> All our sources are in SVN:
> http://svn.process-one.net/ejabberd
> http://svn.process-one.net/ejabberd-modules.

Since Sergei does not clearly explain his claims at all, I had to ask
him privately. In my opinion this is quite a childish behavior. In
fact, I think Sergei Golovan is in general very aggresive and rude
with Mickael Remond. Not only in this thread, but in the mailing list.
And also in the forums. And not only now, but from a lot of time ago.
Maybe there's something personal with him. Or maybe Sergei is a kind
of person that is not used to politeness. Or maybe that behavior is
typical in his country.

In fact, I think it's not only Sergei who sporadically attack Mickael
for any possible reason he can find: Sander Devrieze has also
experience being extremely critical with Mickael, crossing the line of
rationally acceptable. Of course, that is another topic, considering
who fierce he is also with other people, including Jive Software.

I'm ashamed of seeing such aggressiveness in public forums, because I
think this distracts the attention. It is unproductive. Being
unpolite, offensive and insulting, even if the original purpose or
arguments are rational, will inevitably waste additional time and
energy from people that reads the mailing list, or contributes in the
forums. And it will of course destroy the sense of friendship and

For example, instead of sending a bunch of small emails which do not
explain to Mickael why the binary installer is probably infringing the
GPL license, it would be a lot more productive, sensitive and
practical if Sergei clearly explains it to Mickael (and me, and
everyone else). It's not required to be as verbose and boring as me :)

Sergei says that the installers ejabberd-1.1.3-installer.* include
source code that is not available in the corresponding
ejabberd-1.1.3-src.tar.gz. The code in question (http-bind*.erl) is
published in other place, which is nice.

So, the problem is that the installer [1] is not built directly from
the reference source package: the installer includes http-bind, but
the source code released file [2] does not.

For example, this makes difficult to give technical assistance: some
people install 1.1.3 from source package and do not have http-bind.
Others use an installer and have http-bind. Others install from
Fedora, Debian or Gentoo and don't have http-bind. A mess.

Also, this can be seen as a violation of the GPL license. Since I'm
not very fluent in that topic, I read to other people [3] which say:
'For each and every version of the executable program, you have to
release the precisely corresponding version of the complete
corresponding source code.'

Let me say it again: the binary installers include ejabberd GPL code
and http-bind GPL code. All that is publicly available. In different
SVN repos. No problem with all that. The problem is that the installer
is not based strictly in the corresponding source package.

There are two solutions to be GPL-compliant:
1. Rerelease 1.1.3 binary installers that do not include patches or
modules from outside the reference source package [2]
2. Or rerelease ejabberd 1.1.3 source package, including http-bind source code.

Those solutions require wasting time, and the possibility of a legal
accusation of GPL infrigment is unlikely at this time of 1.1.3 life.
So, I propose to not make any of those solutions. I propose to keep
all 1.1.3 (and 1.1.4) files as they are now, and concentrate in not
making the same mistake in the future. So, binary installers are built
only with the stuff that comes from the source package.

Just for curiosity: Debian binary packages include patches that are
not included in the original source packages. So, Debian maintainers
publish patched source packages that match each binary package [4].

PD: I also made a similar mistake with Tkabber-Pack some time ago: I
published a version which included Tkabber with my own patches and
configurations. Then, people complained to Aleksey and Sergei that
Tkabber-Pack was strange, but in fact it was my fault.

[1] http://www.process-one.net/downloads/ejabberd/1.1.3/ejabberd-1.1.3_1-windows-installer.exe
[2] http://www.process-one.net/downloads/ejabberd/1.1.3/ejabberd-1.1.3.tar.gz
[3] http://gpl-violations.org/faq/sourcecode-faq.html
[4] http://packages.qa.debian.org/e/ejabberd.html

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