[ejabberd] Sources of the ejabberd installer

Igor Goryachev igor at goryachev.org
Mon Aug 20 13:57:55 MSD 2007

Badlop <badlop at gmail.com> writes:

> Since Sergei does not clearly explain his claims at all, I had to ask
> him privately. In my opinion this is quite a childish behavior. In
> fact, I think Sergei Golovan is in general very aggresive and rude
> with Mickael Remond. Not only in this thread, but in the mailing list.
> And also in the forums. And not only now, but from a lot of time ago.
> Maybe there's something personal with him. Or maybe Sergei is a kind
> of person that is not used to politeness. Or maybe that behavior is
> typical in his country.

You reproach Sergei with a childish behavior, aggression and roughness,
and also assume that these are common in Russia? You know, such unworthy
words could offend Sergei not even speaking about the attempt to kindle
interethnic hatred, which means no excuse...

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