[ejabberd] incorrectly route locally to subdomain?

Albert Holm albert+ejabberd at cdr.se
Fri Aug 31 12:13:59 MSD 2007

I have two physical servers. One of them host two domains. Consider the 
following setup:

server A:
domain example.com (e.c)

server B:
domain example.org (e.o)
domain gazonk.example.com (g.e.c)

Both servers use a recent revision (with @HOST@ support), and got a modified 
PEP modules for @HOST@ functionality. All three domains got a similar 
configuration for modules that got jids 
({conference,pubsub,search}.jabber. at HOST@).

All three domains got proper SRV DNS records.

If I try to use my account at e.c and try to do anything like service 
discovery on g.e.c or send messages to a user of g.e.c then I get error 503 
service unavailable instead.

If I try to do service discovery from e.c to e.o then all works. From both e.o 
and g.e.c to e.c always works too.

If I recently sent a message from g.e.c to e.c then messages from e.c to g.e.c 
works too for about 5 minutes.

Does this mean that I can not host g.e.c and e.c on different servers? Do I 
need some special configuration for this case?


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