[ejabberd] Call to translators for ejabberd 2.0.0

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 02:57:36 MSK 2007


After months and months (and months) since the last ejabberd release
that included new features, the next one seems more near than ever.
The issues in the bug tracker that block ejabberd 2.0.0 are right now

Many people have contributed new features and improvements, and it's
pencils-down for ejabberd 2.0.0. Bug testers are probably cleaning the
dust accumulated in their microscopes, and impatiently awaiting for
the release of a beta or whatever.

Now it's time for the translators. Instructions on how to help, and
constantly updated information:

Those are the translations still not completed and their status right now:
ca.msg  39 -- contacting Vicent Alberola
de.msg  44
gl.msg  39 -- contacting Carlos E. Lopez
it.msg  46
nl.msg  44 -- no translator found yet (Sander Devrieze is not
available for the task)
pl.msg  72
pt-br.  45
pt.msg 187
sk.msg  47
sv.msg 153 -- Magnus Henoch doesn't have  much spare time available
for this task
uk.msg  44 -- no translator found yet (Sergei Golovan is not available
for the task)

If you can help in any of those translations, you can drop a comment
here or in the page, to avoid double-work.


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