[ejabberd] Call to translators for ejabberd 2.0.0

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 14:01:56 MSK 2007

2007/12/10, Doruk Fisek <dfisek at fisek.com.tr>:
> I translated ejabberd to Turkish from scratch (attached), seeing
> there's no previous work.

Thanks, I've added your translation.

> Only a few strings (mostly from pubsub module)
> is untranslated.

Right, those are the only missing strings:
% mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl
{"Deliver payloads with event notifications", ""}.
{"Persist items to storage", ""}.
{"Max # of items to persist", ""}.

% web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl
{"Remark that these options will only backup the builtin Mnesia
database. If you are using the ODBC module, you also need to backup
your SQL database separately.", ""}.

> Though I must say, I could have translated some strings better if some
> words weren't assumed to be at the end or beginning of the string,
> instead included in the translation as ~s (there are correct examples
> of this usage in some strings).

In fact, several translators (including me) found problems translating
some strings, or reported that they are strangely written even in
English. Most translators have fresh their work right now, I guess
it's a good time to summarize which strings should be improved for the
next release.

I'll later this week check the my chat logs and summarize the
complains I'm aware of. Then I'll start a new thread in this mailing
list so everybody can propose changes for next release.

> In some languages (like Turkish), you just cannot fixate the place of
> some words. The word (whatever it is) can move to the middle or
> somewhere else in the sentence.
> Surely it should be too late to change the strings for 2.0, but I'd be
> glad to point out the problematic strings if needed, when a
> restructuring is due.

You can start preparing your mail now :) . I hope to have a summary
before this weekend. For each problematic string, you can say the
current string and your proposal in English.

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