[ejabberd] Strings in ejabberd problematic to translate

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 21:36:25 MSK 2007

While translating ejabberd, you probably found problems to translate
some strings to your language. Those problematic strings can be
reported anytime, for example in the Translation Forum [1]. Or if you
prefer, report them right now here.

I guess the problems can be grouped in three:

P1. The string in English is a sentence difficult to understand.

"Your contact offline message queue is full. The message has been discarded."
It is probably easier to understand this:
"The queue of offline messages of your contact is full. The message
has been discarded."

"PubSub subscriber request" ---> "PubSub subscription request"

P2. The string is difficult to translate to some language because it's
not the complete sentence, and forces a fixed position of other parts
of the sentence.

For example in mod_muc_room.erl:
" has set the subject to: " --> "~s has set the subject to: ~s"
"Configuration for " --> "Configuration for ~s"

P3. The sentence is difficult to translate to some language due to the
order of the parameters ~s.

For example the format of dates in English is "Friday, December 14,
2007". To provide a completely correct translation to Spanish, it's
necessary to not only translate the words, but also change the order
and even the punctuation: "Viernes, 14 de Diciembre de 2007".

This can't be solved in the source code right now. So the best we can
do is enumerate which strings are problematic in which language. And
let's hope the translators find imaginative solutions.

If you find/found problems with some strings for this or any other
reason, please comment it either in this thread or in the forum.

[1] http://www.ejabberd.im/forum/translation

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