[ejabberd] Performance Issues

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 23:06:06 MSK 2007

2007/12/12, Bill Omer <bill.omer at gmail.com>:
> I am using the latest SVN of ejabberd and jabsimul to stress test my
> test cluster.

> My cluster consists of three servers.  The master server is not listed
> in my DNS round robin, so all connections only go to the two slave
> nodes.  The slave nodes' hardware is:  Dual Core AMD 1.8GHz with 2
> gigs of ram.

So, you have a cluster of three nodes, and they share several Mnesia
tables, that (obviously) synchronize often.

> I am using the watchdog feature, and it is constantly
> sending me messages like this:
> (12:42:31 PM) ejabberddev01.ejabberddev: (ejabberd at ejabberddev03) The
> process <0.443.0> is consuming too much memory:
> [{heap_block_size,1346269},{mbuf_size,0},{stack_size,35},{heap_size,357336}].
> [{current_function,{mnesia_tm,async_send_dirty,6}},
>  {initial_call,{proc_lib,init_p,5}},
>  {message_queue_len,1173},
>  {links,[<0.227.0>]},
>  {dictionary,[{random_seed,{17008,18662,20000}},
>               {'$ancestors',[ejabberd_sup,<0.39.0>]},
>               {'$initial_call',{gen,init_it,
>                                     [gen_server,
>                                      <0.227.0>,
>                                      <0.227.0>,
>                                      {local,
>                                          'ejabberd_mod_pubsub_im2.ejabberddev'},
>                                      mod_pubsub,
>                                      ["im2.ejabberddev",
>                                       [{access_createnode,pubsub_createnode},
>                                        {plugins,["default","pep"]}]],
>                                      []]}}]},
>  {heap_size,1346269},
>  {stack_size,35}]

> Basically, I'm wondering if the pubsub warnings from watchdog are
> something I should be concerned about or not.

The only thing I could get from that report is: it seems a process
that is somehow related to pubsub, is later reported to consume too
much memory when is executing a function called
mnesia_tm:async_send_dirty/6. Maybe that 'send' means send to another
node in the cluster.

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