[ejabberd] Hardcoded database queries for odbc authentication

Kevin Jackson foamdino at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 15:08:57 MSK 2007

Hi all,

I'm trialling ejabberd on a project and a problem has arisen
concerning the hardcoded db schema for postgresql.

Basically ejabberd seems to expect a table (or view) called users in
the public schema.  Unfortunately I already have a requirement on a
users table and I cannot alter the tabel to fit ejabberd's needs.

Looking in src/odbc, it looks like the pg.sql schema file would be
easy to change to meet my needs, but I'd also have to change all the
queries in odbc_queries.erl, and I have little to no erlang experience
beyond some basic tutorials.

Is there a non-hardcoded version of ejabberd in the works (svn) that
reads the odbc queries from a config file instead of having them
compiled in?


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