[ejabberd] Hardcoded database queries for odbc authentication

Jaco Kroon jaco at kroon.co.za
Fri Feb 2 20:04:16 MSK 2007

Mickaël Rémond wrote:
> Hello,
> Le 1 févr. 07 à 13:08, Kevin Jackson a écrit :
>> Hi all,
>> I'm trialling ejabberd on a project and a problem has arisen
>> concerning the hardcoded db schema for postgresql.
>> Basically ejabberd seems to expect a table (or view) called users in
>> the public schema.  Unfortunately I already have a requirement on a
>> users table and I cannot alter the tabel to fit ejabberd's needs.
> There is no version with configurable database table names.
> This is a common situation for application to have their own schema.
> If you have specific need, our suggestion is indeed to modify the code.

I've also found it handy to hack together a "view" in another
"database".  So for mysql you create a database called "ejabberd" or
something and then use create view foo select ???,??? from
actualdb.table where ... etc.  Probably not the most efficient solution
in general, and views can't be updated most of the time, but it might
work for your needs.


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