[ejabberd] Web interface thinks there are no users

Sean Dilda sean at duke.edu
Mon Feb 12 18:17:09 MSK 2007

Mickaël Rémond wrote:
> Hello,
> Le 11 févr. 07 à 16:45, Sean Dilda a écrit :
>> Thanks for your help.
>> I am using the Mnesia database, so I'm still not certain what the 
>> problem is.
> I think for authenticaiton you are using PAm, right ?


> So there is zero user in the Mnesia user table.

I looked at an ascii dump of the Mnesia db.  I see the user rosters, but 
no other user info.  I'm guessing there needs to be other user info.  Is 
there any way to create this user info in the database when users connect?

Also, I tried creating users through the web interface, however they 
still do not sure up as users on the web interface.  As I understand it, 
at least that part should work.



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