[ejabberd] Re: xep-0153 implementation

Igor Goryachev igor at goryachev.org
Wed Feb 14 18:44:05 MSK 2007

Magnus Henoch <mange at freemail.hu> writes:

>> the current mod_vcard allows the storage of a PHOTO element. That's
>> the only thing relevant in that JEP that might need server-side
>> support.
>> The rest (tagging the presence with the proper xmlns vcard-
>> temp:x:update) is client side.
> Actually, the Google Talk server automatically inserts the
> vcard-temp:x:update tag in every outgoing presence stanza, so even
> clients that don't support it can display avatars.  That certainly
> fits with the "complexity on the server" mantra.

Yes. Certainly I have meant the behaviour of Google Talk server, not
just plain XEP-0153.

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