[ejabberd] Grouping {hosts} into one {host_config}

Manuel Mely mmelyp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 23:03:08 MSK 2007

Let's see if i can be understood!

My ejabberd server has some vhosts, all them are using the same DB (in
pgsql) and  i want to have one host_config line for all the vhosts.
For example, i had tried this

Declare this acl, to group all my vhosts:

{acl, redjab, {server, "lab.home.cu", "jabber.home.cu"}}.


{hosts, ["redjab"]}.

and then declare this:

{host_config, "redjab", [{auth_method, odbc},
                                {odbc_server, {pgsql, "",
"home", "mmelyp", "xx"}}]}.

but didn't work, i think i'm violating hosts and host_config syntax.

Right now i have a host_config for every vhosts with the same
parameters. i want to know if exists some way to group all this vhosts
in one host_config configuration.
Just for reduce the cfg file.

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