[ejabberd] MUC Spam Control

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Feb 16 19:00:11 MSK 2007

Gmail User wrote:
> I am hoping to use ejabberd to power the MUC for my client's site. Has
> anyone developed a spam control module (dictionary or regex based,
> etc.). If not, where do I learn how to write one and plug it into the
> ejabberd?


This sounds like a good idea. What exactly do you mean by spam control 
module? Right now, the MUC protocol includes ways to kick and ban users 
from a room (etc.), and ejabberd implements those features. It seems to 
me that we may also need ways to:

- Ban users (or domains etc.) across a groupchat service

- Remove spam from the room history / archive

On conference.jabber.org we have started to see spammers coming into 
chatrooms, leaving a few links, then leaving -- but their spam links are 
in the room archives forever, search engines pick them up, and probably 
www.jabber.org is therefore considered some kind of spam hole. Not good.

Support for SPIM Reporting (XEP-0161) may also be helpful.

Are there other aspects of MUC spam that I am missing?


Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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