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Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Fri Feb 16 19:22:55 MSK 2007


On Feb 16, 2007, at 4:00 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> Gmail User wrote:
>> I am hoping to use ejabberd to power the MUC for my client's site.  
>> Has
>> anyone developed a spam control module (dictionary or regex based,
>> etc.). If not, where do I learn how to write one and plug it into the
>> ejabberd?
> Hi,
> This sounds like a good idea. What exactly do you mean by spam  
> control module? Right now, the MUC protocol includes ways to kick  
> and ban users from a room (etc.), and ejabberd implements those  
> features. It seems to me that we may also need ways to:
> - Ban users (or domains etc.) across a groupchat service
> - Remove spam from the room history / archive
> On conference.jabber.org we have started to see spammers coming  
> into chatrooms, leaving a few links, then leaving -- but their spam  
> links are in the room archives forever, search engines pick them  
> up, and probably www.jabber.org is therefore considered some kind  
> of spam hole. Not good.
> Support for SPIM Reporting (XEP-0161) may also be helpful.
> Are there other aspects of MUC spam that I am missing?

If you consider flood as a case of spam, then rate limiting presence  
changes and messages is useful.

We are testing that at SAPO.

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