[ejabberd] problems with ejabberd cluster with two nodes

Manuel Mely mmelyp at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 07:08:28 MSK 2007

I have to ejabberd servers working at node1 and node2. I followed the
cluster setup steps that are in the ejabberd guide, but i have some
node1 and node2 are working in cluster, i can see from de webadmin
page that i'm running two nodes, but it seems that mnesia tables
replication is not working, so i can't login to node2 from my client,
and also i think there is no configuration in node2 yet.

At node1 (master server) i have storage type for tables = RAM copy,
RAM and disc copy, disc only copy and one with remote copy. Do i need
to have this storages types with this values or all in remote copy
except the schema one?? or i have to keep this storage type like this
and configure node2 with remote copy??
i don't understand in what node i have to configure the remote copy.
So how to see the sync of tables between the nodes is working? May
somebody explain briefly how mnesia tables transfer occurs between


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