[ejabberd] Logging when failure to connect to authentication

Kevin Jackson foamdino at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 06:51:05 MSK 2007


As I've been setting up our jabber (ejabberd) server recently, I've
noticed that there's very little in the way of diagnostic logging when
running the rpm version of ejabberd - I know it's possible to complie
everything from source and run with debug level logging, but the
default seems a little too quiet for me.

For example we had a problem where all we had to diagnose the problem
was Host unknown from Gaim and a single line Connection Accepted in
the ejabberd log - the problem

- the rpm version of ejabberd doesn't contain the pgsql library (and
since we were using postgres as our authentication, we couldn't
connect and authorize a connection) - but there was no error message
stating that the library was missing, or even that the connection to
the database couldn't be made

A simple diagnostic log message for when things go wrong would have
helped me track this down.

Thanks for listening

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