[ejabberd] limited firewall ports

Safford, Brian brian.safford at eds.com
Thu Feb 22 15:45:38 MSK 2007

I have a network setup where we have an 'inside' and 'outside' network
with a port-filtering router inbetween.  The router does not filter any
ports from inside to outside, but only allows 4 ports from outside to
in, those being 22 (ssh), 25 (smtp) and 2 others.

I've been trying to get a 2 node erlang setup working.  The connection
from inside to outside works fine, which tells me that the handshake
that takes place within the epmd's seems to be this:

1. inside epmd connects to outside epmd
2. outside epmd tells inside epmd to go away and come back on port XXXX
3. inside epmd then connects to port XXXX

My question is this - is there any hope at all of getting the connection
from outside to inside working?

And my comment is ... why didn't / doesn't epmd work like most other
super-daemons?  Like sendmail and inetd ... or like wildfire and
jabberd2 ... :-(


Brian Safford
Senior Consultant
EDS - Managed Messaging Services

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