[ejabberd] limited firewall ports

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Thu Feb 22 18:50:16 MSK 2007


Le 22 févr. 07 à 15:49, Safford, Brian a écrit :

> I'll try your suggestion.
> I'm a bit confused about your other comment though - sendmail is  
> able to create as many connections as it wants using the same  
> port ... as is wildfire and jabberd2, so I don't understand why  
> erlang does it differently.  I probably am just missing some  
> important information about how this stuff works ...

Yes, probably.
If you do not start ejabberd in cluster mode (without the -sname or - 
name) parameter, ejabberd works exactly like the software you  
mention. You can accept as many connection as you want per port.

The thing change when you add clustering: Each cluster node listen to  
a port to be open to intra cluster communication. As you can have  
hundreds of node on the same machine and as OS process, they all need  
to listen on different port, that's why a port mapper is needed. epmd  
is a process that manage that: It tell you how many Erlang Virtual  
Machine are started and on which port they are listen on.
Note that following my suggestion will implicitely limit the number  
of cluster node you can run on a single machine.

You are comparing with other software that do no offer those  
clustering capabilities, that's probably why it seems new to you.

To get further, you probably need to dig deeper into Erlang  
clustering mechanisms.

I hope this helps,

Mickaël Rémond

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